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THERE IS USUALLY A GAP BETWEEN THE IDEAL CULTURE THAT MOST ORGANIZATIONS ASPIRE TO, AND THE ACTUAL CULTURE THEY HAVE Whenever I ask a leader to describe their ideal culture, either verbally or via a formal survey instrument, they almost always describe the same thing regardless of gender, industry or geography.

IT'S NEVER BEEN MORE DIFFICULT TO LEAD While it’s never been more difficult to lead, it’s also never been easier to blame external forces for problems of our own making. Many of us are dealing with multiple layers of change and disruption, whether that be in our industry, organisation, division, team,

PROVEN PRINCIPLES TO ACCELERATE YOUR JOURNEY A law is often described as a principle leading to a predictable result. The Seven Laws of Transformation described in this whitepaper are the principles that pave the pathway to transformation. Why seven? Well, it always seems to be seven. The Seven Habits of Highly

HOW LEADERS SUSTAIN CHANGE There are thousands of books presenting dozens of lists on the attributes of great leaders, so I decided to focus my research on a slightly different question. If I’m an ordinary human being, how do I actually become one of the great leaders I read about in

A SIMPLE FRAMEWORK TO ACHIEVE MORE WITH LESS EFFORT In the experience of my colleagues and me, senior leaders will only adopt and apply frameworks when they possess the rigor required for credibility, with the simplicity required for action. The ‘What, So What, Now What’ (WSN) framework is one such framework.